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The Organization

Flock of Birds is a social enterprise. This means that the organizational model consists of two important elements: a revenue generation model to guide the for profit activities and the social welfare model to guide the social mission.

To support this model Flock of Birds is registered as follows:


– Flock of Birds International Trade Company – Directors: Arnold and Mieke Zwart
– Stichting Flock of Birds 2 – Board: Mr. O. van Vliet, Mr. W.J. Starink, Mrs. A. de Jager

– Uganda – Flock of Birds Trade Co.

– South Africa – Flock of Birds Trade Co.

How are we ethical?

To Flock of Birds, being “ethical” encompasses:

Being ethical means our products are designed, sourced and manufactured to maximize benefits to people and communities and minimize the impact on the environment. We build the business based on collaboration and sustainability.

Flock of Birds strives to adhere to these principles our selves, as well as only working with companies, whose aims are also to reduce poverty, create sustainable livelihoods, minimize and/or counteract environmental problems.